The GREAT Snowstorms of Our Lives

My heart is with those in New England right now. Be safe, snuggle in, and enjoy the beauty of it all. When the weathermen warn us of a blizzard to come, the women rush to the grocery store, and dad’s, all over, head outside to clear drains, gutters, and check the roof. Children however, line … Continue reading The GREAT Snowstorms of Our Lives


A Waffle House at 3:00am.

Saw this article this morning, and I started thinking….. Discussion welcome. Can’t wait to see what you guys think.Here, we have a Police Officer who arrested a 6yr old girl in school. She threw a tantrum, kicked and screamed. Officer picked her up from school (obviously someone at school called the police), charged her with … Continue reading A Waffle House at 3:00am.