Marica Blog????

What happened????

Where did everyone go????

A frustrated and confused woman scratching her head

Everyone count off to make sure we can find everyone.


30 thoughts on “Marica Blog????

  1. It’s almost 3 am my time, and early bird time on the east coast! It’s Kal’s B-day today, they’re having a party over there @Merica’s! If someone hasn’t been there before, come on over, there’s fun interspersed with pearls of knowledge, and plenty of opining as well!!!

    1. Hey, when I check in last night, Marica Blog was gone.
      Big screen came up —- XYZ as been removed from WordPress.
      It was an official notification.

      Which is why I made the post.

            1. At first, I thought it was just me. Maybe I hit something wrong, etc., even though FOR MONTHS I just click the link on my favorites to get to Marica.
              But again, the official announcement from WORDPRESS, that it had been removed, was freaky.
              Full page, too.

          1. Well, it’s good to have your blog as a fall back place. I’d like to do the same with mine, but I need DD to help, and we’ve both been busy due to DH’s situation the last year and a 1/2. However, he’s getting more independent which is good for all of us! Maybe this fall there might be time.

      1. I noticed that new articles for Marica’s blog are not showing up in the wp reader. The most recent was Sylvia’s post 3 days ago. They show up if I go directly to the blog however…

        1. The reader? I’ve noticed the reader can be weird. I’ve been only using it at Daughn’s place, and if I’m there at D’s, but not on reader, then switch to reader, I have to fiddle with things to get her site to show up even though it’s favorited and I’m subscribed. (I don’t look at my e-mail as often as I should.)

  2. Hey Daughn!! We are still there!! But what a great Fire Drill!!!! I got an email notification and did the scratching my head thing? You would be a purrfect back up plan should WP decide to shut me down! Me thinks Syl created a site as well…but I love having back ups sista!!! Thank you for looking out for s all Sista!! Smuchas!!😘🥰💖💖

  3. Hey, Daughn thanks for the fall back position. I did pull my post a couple of times to edit it. But you say it was Marica’s was not available, hmmm…Uncle WP be creepy for sure.

  4. Aloha!!!

    I wonder if Marica may have gone somewhat independent. AFAIK, she’s still [.com] with their stuff.

    I’m surprised you didn’t look for help at Wolf’s. We’re all going to be looking for a gathering place here if Wolf ever gets zapped.

  5. Hello, Daughn and all!
    Checking in! It appears things are starting to heat up!
    Peace and Good Energy to all — please be safe.

  6. Hi Daugh,
    We’ve never interacted but you’re one of my favorite authors (in QT) and in your blog (of course).
    Just checking in for the fire drill. I post almost daily at Marica’s now and also once in a while at QT.

      1. Now that I remembered: I sent the link to your story that talked about how you met the NASA engineer and he loved it! I did as well ;P

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