Again, It All Comes Back to Ukraine.

Remember this guy? Mikola Zlochevsky? Former Ukraine Oil and Gas minister? The guy who ended up living in Monaco because he stole so much money out of Ukraine. Yeah, he allegedley sold state assets to a bank which he owned. And all the IMF money which went into the bank…… kind of disappeared. The same guy who hosted the Energy Summit for all the Atlantic Council members in Monaco…. remember? Same guy who donated 250K to the Atlantic Council on January 17, 2017, three days before Trump was inaugurated and his charges disappeared? Hey, whatever you think about ole’ Mikola, he did know how to sport that sapphire pinky ring.

You remember now? Burisma….. Burisma…… Burisma….. The company SOOOO crooked, not even the US Chamber of Commerce would do business with them. Oh lookie here, we found Hunter and Mikola together.

And remember when Victoria Nuland, John McCain, the scary Senator from Connecticut Chris Murphy, Lindsey Graham, Amy Klobuchar….. they were all in Ukraine. Hell, Victoria Nuland was passing out doughnuts to the protesters who overthrew the country – while John McCain was stirring up the crowd….. Remember the Orange Revolution in the Maidan? ……..and today we find out Mrs. McCain gets an Ambassadorship?

And Paul Mannafort and the black box ledger, which was completely fake? Party of Regions? And the incredible story of what McCain did in Ukraine in 2008 – practically verbatim of what the left accused Trump of doing. That one was scary…..

Remember Oleg Deripaska and his yacht in Montenegro, McCain’s 70th birthday? And a Rothschild and Deripaska buying the old Russian Navy Base and turning into a tourist hot spot? When McCain endorsed Montenegro’s admission to NATO? And then Daddy Rothschild held a fundraiser in London for McCain?

Wait, wait, wait, since we’re talking about Deripaska…… remember the nest at “Organized Crime Bureau” of the FBI in NYC? This is important. Original leader was ………… wait for it……….. Robert Levinson. Levinson is the guy who disappeared and is allegedly still being held in Iran

……. and WHY the former US Atty in Florida was trying to bribe Matt Geatz family for 25 million —– to get Robert Levinson released. I heard the name Robert Levinson, in connection to the Gaetz saga, and damn near died laughing.

Gee whiz, that sounds familiar, remember the 25 million Andy McCabe wanted from Deripaska to free Robert Levinson? I remember. Hillary received the request at State but she turned it down.

And don’t forget, while Levinson was in charge of Organized Crime Bureau in NYC, McCabe was Levinson’s #2 in that division……….. and guess who was #3……….. Bruce Ohr. Yes, that Ohr.

Don’t forget Dirty Bird Marie Yvanovich, who really did make a VERBAL list of demands from Leveshenko, and George “Bow Tie” Kent, and the US Embassy in Keeeeevvvv – make sure you pronounce is right or the MSM will laugh at you. And the “Center” established in Kiev to clean up the corruption in Ukraine……. which was paid for by Soros. Surprised?

And then, Miracle of Miracles, Dr Fiona Hill, Brookings to NSC, who mentored the actual Russian who also worked at Brookings and WROTE the Steele Dossier for Michael Steele. And you can’t mention Brookings without a reference to Strobe Talbott…….. who has been in BED with the Clintons since I was a little kid.

Biden’s trip to Ukraine in the second week of January 2017 – why? Hunter Biden in Ukraine….. or did he ever go to Ukraine at all? Heckuva a lot of money involved.

And Lt Col Vindman + twin brother. Poor lil’ squeaky Vindman, he really did want to be Sec of Defense in Ukraine.

Yeah, I remember it all.

Which was why I did a stink eye this morning when I saw this………

So, here I am, minding my own business, enjoying springtime and fighting with the lawn. This morning, out of the blue, I received this email about rising tension in Ukraine ….. and my eyebrows started to twitch.

I perked up….. Ukraine???

Nahhhh, I thought. Those damn Rinos and Dems wouldn’t DARE start a proxy war with Russia. Would they? It would ONLY benefit China and Iran. They couldn’t be that stupid, could they?

It couldn’t be…… could it? I read further, basic headline.

US Military forming a sky bridge to funnel massive amount of “bigger and better” weapons into Ukraine – Zelensky’s approval rating at about 20%.

Zelensky, leader of Ukraine – remember “the perfect phone call” which became the nexus for Shammpeachment with Adam Schiff playing conductor of the “Kompromat”? Remember Natasha Bertrand of Politico, who always seemed to “have the breaking story”?

And the best for last…… the DOOZY of a Claim from Crowdstrike – December 2016, that targeting software for the D30 Howtizers in Ukraine was hacked and showed similar threads in code to DNC hacking…. Remember Cozy Bear and Fuzzy Bear? …….. and THAT’S how we get the conclusion from 17 Intel Agencies that Russia “hacked the election”. And when Crowdstike spox was forced to admit, May of 2017, their narrative crumbled, debunked by Ukraine Generals on the ground and IISS in London, what did Crowdstrike say? hehe….. Crowdstike said it didn’t matter, cuz the 17 intel agencies reached this conclusion. But…… the 17 intel agencies were relying SOLELY on the research from Crowdstrike, cuz no one in the 17 intel agencies was allowed to forensically study the DNC servers.

Yeah, we see what you did there.

No one could make up a movie score this great…..but it would have to be a Mini-Series, kind of like Thornbirds gone bad.

We know all the players. Very few have done the deep dive on Ukraine as we have.

Now, this morning, I read this email because I’m a little nuts on the subject of Ukraine, admittedly. I thought Jacob Dreizin might be a one-off. No idea who he is, no idea of his credentials. But thennnnnnnnn…… for the first time in 6 months, I turned on Tucker Carlson this evening…… and there was a segment about rising tensions in Ukraine.

What? Huh? Time to re-read that email.

See what you think.

Jacob Dreizin <>To:daughnXXXXXXXX Mon, Apr 12 at 12:54 AMUPDATE: 

You are hearing it here first (the MSM won’t touch this.)  For those on Capitol Hill with access to information, feel free to follow up with your defense liaisons and confirm.  Since the beginning of this month if not earlier, NATO—primarily U.S. Air Force—transport aircraft have been making near-daily or in some cases daily deliveries of guided anti-tank munitions and other gear to Ukraine, to include, for the first time—this never happened under Presidents Obama or Trump—by way of multiple direct, consecutive-day flights (at most, refueling in Europe) from the U.S. to Ukraine, suggesting that what is being delivered to Ukraine is more advanced than what was donated previously (though it’s also possible that the relevant U.S. military stores in Europe have simply run out.) 

This is effectively an “air bridge”, comparable in principle (though on a smaller scale) to what the U.S. maintained during the 1973 Arab-Israeli war.  It is clear the DoD is preparing to fight, in the immediate term, using Ukraine, a fairly large-scale proxy war—conceivably with direct U.S. involvement, if things go south for Ukraine, as they likely will—with Russia. 

It is also clear that several years of relative global peace and stability experienced under President Trump are likely soon coming to an end (in case anyone doubted that would happen.)  Even if war is averted in the Ukraine, we can expect it will break out in the Pacific or somewhere else; it is just a question of where and when.  The Democrat party regime is now exceedingly weak—like Napoleon in Moscow, they seem to be in charge, but they are losing direction and (with Senators Manchin and Sinema holding on the filibuster) they can’t produce their intended results—and one obvious solution is a foreign war to rally the masses with some rah-rah chyrons under Wolf Blitzer’s solemn face on CNN. 

Sadly, it is also clear now (for anyone who just woke up) that the interests of the DoD have become those of the Democrat party regime and vice-versa.  We can only wait to see how the Republicans and Fox News (what’s left of it) handle this, whenever and wherever it finally does happen.  Will they cheerlead, trying to out-Democrat the Democrats, allowing their opponents to shove through some radical legislation under cover of a war fever?

“War is Imminent”

The probability of another major—and potentially decisive—flareup in the Ukraine-Russia conflict is now far greater than it has been at any time since August 2015.  Whether it happens ultimately depends on U.S. domestic politics.  If war does come, the U.S. will be involved to one extent or another, and—however it turns out—the Democrat media will hype President Biden as a Churchillian statesman, crisis manager, and unparalleled strategic genius.  Republican elected officials and pundits can choose to sit in the back seat of that circus car, or they can find their own ground.

Ukraine’s President is in a catastrophic position

·         Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine—until 2019 the country’s top comedian, with no political experience—was elected with a staggering 73 percent of the vote but would have trouble reaching 20 percent today.  In 2019, his strongest showing was in southern and eastern Ukraine, due to his promise to peacefully end the war against Russian-backed separatists, which is very unpopular in those areas.  That promise has been forgotten.

Zelensky got into a spat with the nation’s supreme court, locking them out of their own office, and has failed to help the economy, which, having cut most ties with Russia, is dependent on an “IV drip” from the International Monetary Fund, with no end in sight.

For its COVID-19 vaccine, Ukraine turned to Indian and to a lesser extent Chinese imports, which are widely perceived as ineffective at best.  Thousands of doctors and nurses (by some accounts, the majority of Ukraine’s medics) have refused vaccination, and even the country’s Surgeon General fell ill with COVID-19 almost two weeks after getting his shot.

Things are so bad that in late March, Zelensky’s “Servant of the People” party —Ukraine’s ruling party, an ad-hoc creation which followed the comedian into power—placed fifth in a special election in a parliamentary district in the country’s east.

To staunch the hemorrhage, Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council (the “RNBO”), with the public blessings of the U.S. and UK embassies in Kiev, issued an order shutting down the nation’s three leading opposition television stations, which are owned by a Zelensky opponent and tycoon who is alleged to have indirect ties to Moscow.  In the absence of evidence to charge him with treason or any crime, the RNBO also “cancelled” the man, prohibiting anyone from doing business with him.

Zelensky has tried to compensate for collapsed support among his core electorate by coddling up to Ukrainian ultranationalists including neo-Nazis, but that has not gone well.  He is desperate, but cannot go “full dictator”, as Ukraine must have relatively fair (and on-schedule) elections so as to maintain appearances with its patrons internationally.

Unless something breaks in his favor, Zelensky will not last until the 2023 election.  He may be removed in a “palace coup” or some other intrigue, or gently forced aside by Ukraine’s benefactors (chiefly the U.S.), followed by snap elections to parliament, which would see his party wiped out.  His one hope to remain in power is to drum-up patriotic fervor through a successful military campaign against the Russian protectorates in eastern Ukraine—the so-called “Donetsk Peoples’ Republic” and “Lugansk Peoples’ Republic.”

Prospects for a big war

·         The war in the “Donbass”—the Donets coal basin, the general name for southeastern-most Ukraine, home to the so-called Republics—never ended, but has been largely forgotten in the U.S.  Over the last several years, it has killed roughly 300 to 400 combatants on each side per year.  It is a static, “low-intensity” conflict, with most casualties arising from sniper fire, the occasional artillery duel, or a recon patrol walking into an ambush or minefield.

·         In recent months, Ukraine’s government has made clear its dissatisfaction with the “Minsk Protocol”, the vague framework set down in 2014-2015 for ending the war.  Kiev has stated that Minsk has outlived its usefulness and become unproductive.  Russia, on the other hand, publicly adheres to Minsk, although this is likely a way to buy time and to satisfy the major European countries, which value diplomatic form perhaps more than does the U.S.

·         In recent months, Ukraine’s army has substantially strengthened its armor and artillery components on the line of confrontation with the so-called Republics.  Russia likewise has strengthened its forces on its recognized border with Ukraine, as well as in the Crimea, which Kiev is now again openly talking about retaking.  It is widely understood that Donetsk and Lugansk cannot withstand a major Ukrainian offensive on their own.

·         On March 25th, Donetsk, for the first time, decreed the reinstitution of draft boards and medical examination commissions to Ukrainian or Soviet-era standards.  Although there is no time to train new soldiers for an imminent conflict, this is a signal that the Republic is preparing for war.  Indeed, some prominent Russian veterans of the Donbass conflict have indicated that a “big” war could start this month.

·         There are Russian “advisors” in Donetsk and Lugansk, but not enough to make a difference (in a bigger war) without reinforcements.  There are also many hundreds of U.S., British, and German “advisors”, intelligence liaisons, drone operators, mercenaries, etc., working in Ukraine, as there have been since 2014.  On each side, few if any are on the front lines—yet—although Western personnel have long flown reconnaissance drones over rebel lines.

·         President Zelensky cannot launch a major assault without approval from Washington.  Since 2014, Ukraine has been a U.S. dependency, with all its major decisions, to include key personnel appointments, being run through the U.S. Embassy in Kiev and/or the U.S. National Security Council, and, until January 2017, being cleared by Vice President Joseph Biden, who was in charge of Washington’s Ukraine policy at the time.

·         A Ukrainian offensive would be portrayed by the U.S. Department of Defense, the State Department, and our elite media outlets as responding to Russian aggression (with no explanation as to why Russia would attack now, other than to “test Biden”, just because.)  In truth, the decision on whether or not Ukraine goes to war, rests with the Biden Administration.

·         Thus, the presence or absence of a Ukraine-Russia war in 2021 (or beyond) is ultimately a question of U.S. policy and politics, to include U.S. domestic politics.  If grandstanding over a war is perceived as beneficial to the Biden administration, there will be a war.  If a war is seen as distracting from the administration’s domestic priorities, the war will be cancelled or at least delayed.

U.S. domestic implications

·         Ukraine has shown great utility to U.S. foreign policy as a submissive, loyal, reliable, and very cost-effective thorn in Russia’s side, and a potential launch pad for regime change within Russia itself.  It is not realistic to give up on this tool in the foreseeable future. 

·         However, Republicans and their affiliated media outlets should be careful to avoid a “rah-rah” embrace of a “war-of-choice” initiated at the discretion of the Biden-Harris National Security Council.

·         It will be hard for some Republicans in Congress to overcome their knee-jerk compulsion to slip in a few sound bites against “Russian aggression.”  Talking tough about punishing Russia has long been the default method of burnishing one’s foreign policy credentials in the Senate.  And yet, Republicans should be aware that their electoral base has moved past that.

·         Even while throwing shade at Russia, Republicans should remember that their core voters don’t care now about spreading “democracy” abroad, when they are losing it at home.

·         Conservatives are being persecuted; people have lost their jobs for Facebook posts against BLM or the transgender agenda.  Tens of millions of others live in fearful silence.  Half the country sees the FBI as corrupt and politically compromised.  Over 100 Americans are facing up to 10 years in jail for nothing more than trespassing at the Capitol, while charges are dropped against communist revolutionaries who threw gasoline bombs and conspired to attack the Federal Courthouse in Portland for many weeks on end.  Moreover, Democrats seek to implement a one-party state through their “HR1” legislation.

·         In short, it is a political dead end for Republicans to hand the Democrats a loud “me too” chorus in support of a Biden war-of-choice in Ukraine.  Most Republican voters are more concerned with the Democrats turning the U.S. into Russia, than they are about Russia.

·         If the U.S. deploys military assets during a Ukraine-Russia conflict, even (as would be most likely) as a show of force to some place far from the front lines, or on the sea or in the air just outside Russian territory, Republicans should demand an honest and unscripted explanation from the President himself, to include answering live, unscripted questions from non-Democrat-oriented media outlets.

·         Republicans should not allow Biden to play the “tough guy” and grandstand off an optional war, while he pawns the coherent talking off on his Secretary of Defense or someone else.  If he owns it, he owns it—he is our Commander-in-Chief.  If he is incapable of addressing the nation regarding a major conflict which his government has authorized—especially if he has sent American ships, aircraft, or other assets to Russia’s coasts or borders, where they may be shot at, by mistake or not—he should consider making way for younger leadership.

Congressional Republicans, particularly those in the Senate, are already short on credibility with the GOP base, and with Trump diehards in particular.  After years of Russia nothingburgers to bring down our 45th president, rallying to President Biden for an opportunistic proxy war with Russia risks further alienating the base.  If the Democrats need a war, it is advisable to let them fight it themselves.

That ends Jacob’s email…..

What do you think?

Let’s not forget…… one more thing……. Biden’s approval rating, 75 days into his administration, is at a 51% DISAPPROVAL. Not even fake MSM survey push polls can hide the discontent. Maybe a war, a little bit of Russia, Russia, Russia, Wag that Dog Tail, might help Biden’s approval and give the MSM something else to talk about while avoiding a crisis at the border.

Gosh, so much to think about…..



28 thoughts on “Again, It All Comes Back to Ukraine.

  1. Again with this company
    China is facing famine

    Giday mate

      1. Also all fishing boats and fisherman are trained sailers and the boats have military “added options”

      1. Eh can’t find the link I want. OTOH you could just read man integrated

  2. Another great article, thanks. So many terrible people all linked together. What could possibly go wrong?

  3. Once again the web they weave rears its sticky tendrils. I knew the Ukraine was still a hornet’s nest and Vlad was not aggressing for no reason. He is protecting his back door and stamping down the CEyeA b.s. we started over there.

  4. And Greenland

  5. Americas underbelly

  6. Hey Daughn……do you remember off the top of your head which Democrat on the Impeachment team kept going on and on about Donald Trump withholding funds while Russia was waging a war in Donbass?

    Reason I ask is I saw reported the other day that Biden has withheld funds from the Ukraine and since it’s Biden, that very vocal, at the time, Democrat seems to have developed laryngitis.

      1. I tracked him down. It was Colorado Representative Jason Crow…..He’s ex-military so Pelosi used that as “authority” and Crow spent 100% of his time at the impeachment trial pontificating how Ukraine was at war and President Trump was denying them aide….Crow was a total ‘chump’ throughout the hearing…

  7. Look what just crossed my desk.

    “On Tuesday, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned President Joe Biden’s administration against getting involved in Ukraine, amid Russian forces massing on the Ukrainian border. Also on Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian warned the Biden administration against getting involved in Taiwan.

    According to Reuters, Russia’s Ryabkov said “The United States is our adversary and does everything it can to undermine Russia’s position on the world stage. We do not see any other elements in their approach. Those are our conclusions.”

    Ryabkov went on to say, “We warn the United States that it will be better for them to stay far away from Crimea and our Black Sea coast. It will be for their own good.”

  8. Fuck.
    Bad fishies
    The yearlong aggression of orca pods against boats off the coast of Spain and Portugal continues unabated as Killer whales attack a fishing boat near Spain. I’ve wondered if we have not heard about the numerous inflatable migrant boats full of Africans that were set upon by Killer Whale pods who viewed them as seals on an iceberg, because the little inflatable boats went down, all the migrants were drowned or eaten, and nobody lived to tell the tale. I wonder how many migrants Cabal moved across, vs how many made it.

  9. WTF!
    Important parts, summarized – The only concern of the Chinese is they may have been harvested in unsanitary conditions, and that at $160,000 per unit they are going to have to discard $1.15 billion worth of penises. Had they been harvested under sanitary conditions, it would be fine. The Chinese even know how much human penises go for from different areas, meaning Africa actually exports human penises routinely enough people know where the best ones come from and what they should go for. Also, note to self – never, ever, buy premade Chinese medicine teapills. Although the article is not specific on what they are being used for.

  10. Here is a link to the video DD told me about. His recipe is terrible, way too salty, maybe he used T instead of tsp, but what she said was important was to watch how he handles the dough. I will post on Marica’s place as well.

  11. Daughn,

    Hello! Hope your summer is going well.

    Over at the other blog, some folks were mentioning you…that you might have some insights into “what is really happening” with the Surfside condo collapse…. Is this something that you care to share your thoughts on?
    If not, I totally understand.


    1. Too late now, but I will in the morning.
      Surfside incident had me completely freaked. I’ve been glued to te tv for all updates….. and yeah, I have LOT of thoughts.

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